US out of the World Cup, WS 100, Wayne Ultra (tomorrow)

I am so disappointed that the US has been knocked out of the World Cup by Ghana (again). They just can’t seem to get it together defensively for the first 20 or so minutes… then they play like one of the top teams in the world for the 2nd half, but always from behind! Aaarrrgh! As I write this, WS 100 is passing the 2/3rds complete mark by the men’s leaders, and I think my Wayne Ultra prep is as complete as it’s going to get, supplies wise at least. I did a short 15 mile spin on my road bike today to stay loose, picked up some chamois cream for the boys to have tomorrow… 45 miles is a good ways to go without any, and think my food situation is sorted out. Now just need to get a decent night’s rest and make sure I get up and out of the house on time to make the 1 1/2 hour trip to the race tomorrow morning.. .hope it goes okay.

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