Good morning!

I did it! I finally was able to roll out of the bed when my alarm went off at 0620..(well maybe I hit the snooze once!), so there I was at 0625… making coffee, feeding the dogs and cats, pulling up my running shorts, grabbing my chafing cream for my fat thighs, water and sports beans and out the door, in the truck and out to the KSF for a trail run. It was already in the low 70’s even at 0700 so I ended up running about 7.5 miles and doing battle with seemingly hundreds of giant horseflys. I definitely worked up a big sweat and had a great run. Stronger on the hills, plenty of energy at the finishing downhill. Good start to the day. Thinking of getting a tattoo later today, maybe a japanese maple or cherry blossom tree, I think they look so cool in other pics of tattoos that I have seen and I want to get one covered up from 20 odd years ago too… let you know how it turns out, maybe post a picture if I end up getting one.

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