A couple of blogs I like… oh and our first blackberry

I have the first blackberry to report on the bushes that I moved from the front fenceline to the back garden area, which means, not much production of fruit this year, but they should do better in the long run in the back yard. I can let them get bigger back there so we will , in turn, have more berries.. good? Good. I am gonna post a link or two to some blogs I like to keep up with too, hope I do this right. But one is called step1minimalist and I just started reading it. It’s pretty cool stuff about cutting out the bullshit stuff that you have, until now hopefully, thought you HAD to have, but let’s face it… you don’t. Also a cool blog called No Meat Athlete from a guy that turned to vegetarianism and saw big improvements in his running and life in general. This is interesting to me, as I have been doing the vegetarianism thing with Camellia for about 4 or 5 months now, but I confess we do eat a fish about once a week or two. Once I figure out how to do a list of links on here I will post links to my other favorite blogs and pages that I am into… mostly ultrarunning stuff and a few off the path kind of things that interest me, always evolving though. Big Bear Ultra is in 9 days bitches! Oh, I got in another 20 miles on the mountain bike today too… oh yeah.

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