Vintage 1968 Gillette Razor… new for me.

I bought this razor off of Ebay, thinking that I could save on the price of blades for my Mach 3/ Quattro/ whatever-o multi-blade contraption is the hot new shaving gear of the month… so I see this jewel for 10 bucks. It arrived today and I tore into it and opened up the blades that my wife’s grandmother gave her, popped one into the blade part and lathered up and let ‘er rip! Boy, let me tell you something… this IS your grandad’s razor and you gotta be freakin’ careful running this over the face! No more swiping across my jaw line and over my mustache area… man you can do some damage to yourself if you don’t really take care and slow it down. I love the shave quality though. I also love that I am doing a little bit more for the environment than I was yesterday (with a baby’s ass smooth face to boot), and I like that I won’t ever have to pay 30.00 bucks for a 10 pack or less of razor blade cartridges for my fancy mach 74 billion razor again. Most excellent.

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