Road running blues.

I ran yesterday and today, about 5 or so yesterday and close to 7 today. Both road runs and with one climb each day. Yesterday, man I felt like doodie and today I felt like a smaller pile of doodie than yesterday, but still doodie nonetheless. I don’t know if it’s from not running much since the Big Bear race, even though I did hurt my foot a little and actually yesterday is the first day that it wasn’t sore in the morning… and that nearly two weeks off is what got me, or what? I have been riding a good bit more than normal, but I don’t know. Kinda’ has me worried. I am going to get up and out early in the morning to the trails and see how I feel then. I suspect it’s just my legs not use to the pounding on the road after two weeks off, more or less. More on this to come…

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