Update from the past few days…

Haven’t been posting, gotten a tad lazy the end of this week. No Wheelers ride, stormed pretty bad and I have a little issue with my right shin area, not sure if it’s tendonitis down by the top/front of my ankle area… no clue, a little uncomfortable today but much better than last week. Anyway, I am now a legal licensed motorcycle rider in the WV!! I know, awesome, right? I finally realized I had to pony up and get the endorsement and stop renewing my permit… they told me when I renewed that I couldn’t do it again, and like I normally do, I waited until the last minute and got the test done Thursday. I was afraid that I might fail after the first two guys did really bad and DID fail… the third guy passed and I then I went and had a little bobble and made a mistake but made it through the cones and then it was easy going after that! Oh, we now have figs and cherry tomatoes galore, I will post pics, and the last of the beans too. One more good thing is I found a nice oak tree today out in the woods, I was planning on getting a load of wood, but this was quite a find… pic is of the off loaded wood in the back yard.. Zach helped me unload it when I got home. I still have a good bit of the trunk still up in the woods that I need to go get before someone else snags it!

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