Creek to Peak 1/2 Race Recap

I went into the Creek to Peak 1/2 marathon this past Saturday with few expectations. I had a time that I wanted to break (didn’t make it), and I had a general idea how I was hoping my body would feel during the race and especially near the end. I am still doing the 50k leg of the WV Trilogy on the 8th of October.
Let me just say this: I am a tad concerned about that 50k now…
I started out on Saturday fairly easy, just sort of smooth and easy trotting as we left the start area and wound out along a gravel access road through the Putnam County Park. From there the race turned left onto singletrack trail and pretty much remained that way for the duration of the race… which ended up actually being 14.2 miles as opposed to the 13.1 half marathon distance. Not a huge deal looking back on it, but it sucked at the time! Anyways, I was feeling really good and pretty strong well through the first half of the race, and kept on feeling good up to about 9 or 10 miles in, where my time was about 1:35 minutes or so, and I felt like my 2 1/2 hour goal was well within reach. That’s when the wheels started to come off. I think I was a little low on fluids and thought that I would be fine and that little bit of sluggishness caused me to lose ground on my time goals. I did the actual 13.1 miles at 2:35 or 2:36 and finished in 2:46. I was really disappointed with my effort at the end and hope that my 50k goes a little more evenly from start to finish. I think that I am going to have to force myself to drink more and go even slower than I might normally, to make sure I have enough left after 20 + miles to stay steady and finish well in two weeks at the WV Trilogy. I am definitely a little worried but still very very excited. It will likely be cooler too which should play to my favor.

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