Race prep, house chores, and chimney sweeps

I got in two good runs the past two days… yesterday was a good 7 miles and today was also close to 7 miles at KSF. I got my Salomon exo calf sleeves from Bryon Powell at irunfar.com, and I have to say that I noticed a difference in how my legs felt while running and especially how they feel now, several hours later… no stiffness, sluggish feel, nothing at all. Cool, eh? I got some wood stacked today, nailed the tin roof onto my pallet roof wood “lean-to” in the back yard, put the battery back in the BMW (I had it on charge all night), and had the chimney sweep come out and clean out my chimney liner before it gets too cold… gonna be lighting up the wood stove soon enough and I want to be ready. That’s all for now. 9 days until the Trilogy 50k.

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