Day in Columbus OH

Drove up to Columbus last night to drop the kid off at her mom’s house, spending the weekend with Camellia’s aunt and picking the kid up Sunday to head home. Went downtown to check out the expo for the marathon on Sunday and shopped around a little.. .kinda pissed that there wasn’t a New Balance booth there, was wanting to see if they had the new MT101 to check out.. nope. Had lunch at a little dive Ethiopian joint called the Blue Nile. I guess I am not a fan of Ethiopian food as I just didn’t care for it, the lentil dish was nice but overall it just didn’t do it for me. Nice man running the place though, and at least we got to try something different. Hitting up Whole Foods on the way out tomorrow to stock up on some veggie cheese and soy creamers, some bulk grains/rice, etc…

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