ACE Gorge-ous Trail 1/2 Marathon from my pov

So there I was at 1100 on Sat the 23rd of October at the ACE Whitewater recreation center awaiting the start of the race… I had my Nathan vest on, which I LOVE, and my new (8 miles of running in to this point) New Balance MT101’s on my feet. Here we go! Now I am slow, 40 yrs old and 193 lbs, so I am not a slim lean waif-like ultrarunner by any means, but I really like the MT 101’s even as “big” as I am for a runner. I felt like I could pick through the rough stuff more easily, I had a little quicker gait and turnover than normal… I guess I just felt faster with these on. I didn’t notice any loss in foot protection, as I am already more of a mid foot striker anyway and I also wear a La Sportiva Crosslite, which is fairly neutral too, so the transition wasn’t huge. I also did not order a 1/2 size up as is recommended, I wear a 12 so the next size is 13 and I feared it would be too big. The 12 seemed just right, though on a few of the really steep downhill stuff my toes did jam up a little in the toe box, but really nothing major. I also got a little hot spot on my right heel after a steep descent near the end of the race, but again, not sure if it was my sock or not readjusting the laces.. time will tell. I am a huge fan so far and they are definitely my new shoe of choice right now. Heading out later to run in them again, see if I can get them wet, it’s been raining the last day or so here in West Virginia. I need to find a race to do , the next one around here is the Frozen Sasquatch in January at the KSF… any suggestions?

Oh, yeah, I shaved about 20 minutes or so off of my time at Eleanor 1/2 marathon a month ago… ran a 2:16.04 on Saturday, hope to break the 2 hour barrier soon!

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