What’s that you say? oh…Happy World Vegan Day to YOU too! Woo Hoo!

That’s right folks.. it’s World Vegan Day!  I am officially celebrating it with a dynamite vegan chili from “How it all Vegan” cookbook I got last week and my lovely wife has been using for dinners all last week and today.  Oh, and I would like to give a quick thanks, shout out, props, whatever you wanna call it to co-author of said cookbook: Sarah Kramer.  See, I got the book last week (the only copy at my book store.. Taylor Books in Charleston, WV), and it was missing two pages, didn’t print or something.  So, I email Sarah and asked her to scan and email me the pgs, which she says yes too, but will be a week or so as she is out of town.  Today, I get an email from the book publisher, a lady named Shyla who apparently was contacted by Sarah over my issue and they are sending me a whole new book!  I just thought that was the coolest, and now Sarah Kramer has a customer for LIFE.  I get impressed by the simple things like going one extra step when you really don’t have to, like in this case… so I am loyal to people like that.  I strive to be like that even though I fall short a lot.

Other than that, I ran 9 with Bird and Clay and the trio of Dogs:  my Daisy Dog.. and Clay’s dogs Strider and Diesel… nice day and more on tap for tomorrow at Little Creek Park.

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One Response to What’s that you say? oh…Happy World Vegan Day to YOU too! Woo Hoo!

  1. Shyla says:

    Happy (belated) World Vegan Day, Victor! We’re so happy to hear you love Sarah’s book.

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