Another day, another “Where do you get your protein?” quiz….. bleh.

I know, I am a dick, but are we all so afraid that we will just melt into the stratosphere from lack of protein?  I am still SO new at veganism that I don’t always know how to answer these questions that I get (I know the protein one… now anyway!).. and you know that feeling that you get when you are “debating” with someone and they say.. well yeah but did you know: blah, blah, blah, bullshit, whatever, yada?  If you are like me you feel like a dumbass and may get a wee bit defensive, like they are trying to punch a hole in your choice to be a vegan.  I like the questions, then I get pissed off at the drop of a hat when I feel the other person is just trying to one up-me, so to speak.  Any old way, I have had like, 11 views today.. pretty frickin’ great for my blog, at least.  No run, no nothing today.  Being a lazy bum, will run in the a.m. though.  Gotta go do my homework.  Thanks for checking this out.

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