Barrier broken!

I know that this will elicit a yawn from many/most that may see or hear of this GREAT news of mine… at least it’s great in my mind… I did a 7.5 mile run in KSF with Clay and Birdman and finally, for the first time EVER, broke the 10 min/mile avg speed!  I did a 9:44 pace and that was with Pool Hill included in the course, which for those who have no idea what that means.. Pool Hill is a gradual climb with some fairly steep and loose spots on it and we did that about a mile in to the run.  I had to walk some of it but ran the bulk of it and felt really strong overall.  My highlight of the day was when we descended Log Town trail and I was able to stick with Clay and Bird all the way down until the last 400 m or so… we were flying down that hill!  Good times, getting better and better as the runs pile up.  Going out for the training run for the Frozen Sasquatch tomorrow.  The official training run is Sat. the 13th but Clay and I both have to work that day so we are doing it tomorrow.  Supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny, great day to do the course to see what it’s like.

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