Frozen Sasquatch training run today

We had to do our own version of the FS 50k/25k as we have to work on the day of the true training run on this Saturday. So, myself, Clay, and Bird took off about 1100 today to do the course. All was fine until me and Bird missed the way to the Hemlock Falls turn, thus throwing off everything! We ended up bushwacking down this steep ass hill and adding about a mile to the run. During this, Bird tweaked his ankle pretty good and was having a rough go of it and I too was tiring, but just cuz I am slow! We ended up bypassing all but the first Middle Ridge Trails and cutting down pool hill road to the parking lot and cars. Not the 15.8 we had planned on, but still did 13 miles and am wondering if I should scale back my ambitions from the 50 to the 25k? I have a week and a half to decide until the early entry is due. What should I do? I feel like I need to continue doing ultras when possible so I am kind of torn and don’t want to step back down to the shorter distance now that I have done my first ultra. I dunno, maybe I should just do the 25k and plan to upgrade into the spring and summer of next racing season… what a conundrum!

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