What a bummer…!

I hurt myself running at KSF with Clay today.  Well, as often happens, we left the lot together and spent about a mile or so of the run at least in the same vicinity, and then he is gone…POOF!  Just too fast for me, so I end up cruising along by myself, much like my races, out in the middle between the fast folks and the much slower folks.  Anyway, the plan was to run out Davis Creek from the pool lot, up Middle Ridge then all the Middle Ridge side trails down Logtown and through the camp ground back to Davis Creek and to the car.  We thought it was about 9.5 or so, but forgot that the run out Davis and up Middle Ridge is around 3 miles so it turned into 12.4 total.  I was rolling along just fine, well behind Clay but fine nonetheless, and I got past the final Middle Ridge trail and was heading to Logtown for the haul ass descent… oh shnikees!  My right calf had a shot of pain go through it and I couldn’t really flex it without the sharp pain returning… bummer.  So I made a couple of hiking sticks from a couple of dead branches and shuffled back to the top of pool hill and down to the car… way later than expected.  Poor Clay was getting ready to start a search party for me.  It is pretty sore today but feeling a little better, hope to be okay by Tuesday or so, can’t miss too many days training for Frozen Sasquatch in January!  I am officially entered now.

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