Christmas Day trail run

Two weeks to the day that I have been out for any kind of run.  Not quite how one should prepare for a race in two weeks!  I took a little preemptive action and switched to the 25k from the 50k due to my poor preparation over the past 3 weeks or so.  We got hit with a good bit of snow and some horribly cold weather and I just couldn’t make myself go out in it to run.  Poor excuse, yes, I know, but what can I say?  Good news is that today, fully kitted out in my brand new Mountain Masochist shoes, Mtn Hardwear Seta gaiters, tights (also had my compression calf sleeves and shorts on under), and my new longsleeve MH wicked t, and last but not least my MH Geist jacket and nike gloves and MH beanie.  I was ready to rock and scratched out a slow slogging 7 miles in the wet snow of the KSF.  Saw a rad video featuring Tony Krupicka on running done by Joel Wolpert.. local boy from WV.  I’ll see if I can link it.  Gonna plan on taking the rest of the week off next week and get some runs in, could use a few days off.  Here is the link for the video, hope it works:

I also took a few pictures the last few times out on the trail in the snow, will download them and post a few on here too.  Bye for now.

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