Day before the race… yes!

I had not been even remotely looking forward to the Frozen Sasquatch race, mostly due to the low motivation and total lack of preparation over the past month or so. Winter weather, holiday prep and shopping, and so on… Until tonight, when I walked into the pool house doubling as race headquarters and check in spot. I just felt myself kind of leap to life inside and get all nervous and excited. Now I can’t wait to get started tomorrow, 8 a.m. sharp! Of course, this is not going to change my fitness level, or make me faster or more competitive, or maybe it will, maybe it will refocus my brain and pull out a little extra mental toughness when I am starting the climb up Johnson Hollow at the halfway part of the race, knowing that once I summit that hill that the rest is just a few rollers and ridgelines leading to mostly flat and fast singletrack over my favorite part of the park trails…. maybe. I will post a recap tomorrow night or Sunday, wish me luck!

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