Night before the race preparations

Wanted to have a good meal the night before the race, so I rustled up a vegan tofu scramble. Tofu, onions, yellow and orange pepper, a jalapeno, handful of chopped cilantro, some salsa and curry powder… yum! Laid out all of my race clothes: Mountain Hardwear beanie, Hardwear longsleeve wicked T, Hardwear Geist jacket, Nike tights, Salomon calf sleeves (exo 3’s), Drymax socks, and La Sportiva Crosslites. Struggled with the shoe choice, just got another pair of Mountain Masochists and they just aren’t the same now that I have run in the La Sportiva’s and my NB MT101’s… so I am gonna stick with the Crosslites tomorrow. I am going to forego the use of my Nathan vest, opting for a handheld instead and just plan to tuck a couple of gels into my waistband. There are decent aid stations every 5 or or miles so I think this will work… it’s only 25k afterall… hah! Seriously though, the handheld with Nuun in it, a gel or two and anything else I should need will be at the aid stations, so I think I will be good to go.. we shall see.

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