Good week

I hope this week is indicative of things to come for me in regard to my training and spring races that I am starting to prepare for… a little late, I will grant you, but nonetheless starting in earnest to get into some sort of racing shape, at least for me. I ran last Saturday, then off Sun and Mon, then ran Tues/Wed, nothing Thursday, and again Fri and today.. with today being my longest run of the week at around 8.7 (got my Garmin charged back up finally.. thought I lost the charging base but I found it this morning). I have been low on pop in my runs, slow avg/mile pace, but I guess I have to build some more of a base before I can expect to see many improvements in my speed/pace.. etc. I have been wearing my mt101’s for each of my runs with the exception of today when I broke out my Mountain Masochists… I felt good in those today and think they may be getting worked back into the rotation with the Gristmill Grinder in mind, I think it is a bit on the rocky side and the extra rock guard length on them may come to my rescue. Oh.. happy days! The new Trailrunner mag showed up on my doorstep with a cool action photo of Anton on the cover! Started reading it but had to get out to run myself, so I will read the rest tonight after dinner. Three weeks from today for the Grinder!

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