Running… er, more like shuffling through the woods.

I don’t know what is going on with me lately. I have no punch in my stride AT ALL! I don’t ever run fast by any means, but I just feel so sluggish and uninspired. Even at Gristmill I felt pretty crappy right from the beginning. Yesterday I struggled and today I found myself walking stuff that I could normally get over. I am wondering if I may be B12 deficient as I have been vegan for 9 months or so now and I have read that vegans can suffer from deficiencies unless supplemented. So tomorrow I am going to get some B12 and head out for another run.. Need to ramp it up for Highland Sky, two months out and 40 miles of racing/running to be done and I am hurting in a 1/2 marathon. Time to get it rolling if I hope to finish respectably in June.

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