This just serves to remind me

So there I was last night, hadn’t run since Friday, a BIG race coming up in 3 weeks, and it’s pushing 9 pm. I wanted to go out to the KSF and use my headlamp but it was late and I still had some other household things holding me back a little bit. Plus, I just didn’t feel like it honestly… so, I decided to head out and do a little road loop to get some kind of run in, and this just served to remind me why I prefer trails so much to the road. While I am faster on the road (though still snail’s pace compared to most), I just don’t like doing it… and it was HOT and HUMID last night even at 9 pm, and it’s still May. I hope this isn’t a sign of what we have to look forward to for a summer. I may have to move up to Alaska with Geoff Roes..! I counted last night and there are 43 in my age group (40-49 men) signed up for the Highland Sky 40 miler… that’s over 20 percent of the field. Seems like a lot to me. More hot and humid pain on tap for the week so I guess it’s time to start getting used to it and getting the runs under my belt, though I may spend more time close to home and on the road leading up to HS40 and spend two days on the trails for some longer runs and then rest on the roads around my house.

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