Montrail Rogue Racer

I got a sweet steal of a deal for the new Montrail Rogue Racer through Roadrunner sports… only something like 75.00 with free shipping (not bad for a brand new model that normally goes for 110.00). I have been considering getting these anyway so when I saw the sale I jumped on it. So I went out in them today and I must say that I am very happy with their performance. They are light, kind of like a NB mt101, not quite as light but much lighter than the Masochist for sure. They are kind of a nice middle ground between a beefier shoe like the Mtn Masochist (which I like a lot and own a pair), and the NB MT101 (which I like a lot and own a pair, too). The Rogue has more of a heel to toe drop and better cushioning in the sole, especially the heel region, which i think is a big plus being a bit of a heel striker. The upper is a sort of stretchy mesh, not like see through mesh but a lighter sock type of upper with plenty of lateral support in necessary areas but some give in places like the toe region, the heel area around the ankle seems well padded and the tongue of the shoe is padded a little and stays put! (Believe it or not this seems to be an issue with some of my shoes and it absolutely drives me up the wall!). The tread on the soles is minimal but effective, though I don’t imagine it would be much use in really mucky nasty stuff, but that’s fine, as generally speaking the tread seems good enough to handle most conditions found out on the trail. It handles everything I encountered today just fine and they were very comfortable. I only put 8 miles on them so far, but so far so good. May use these for Highland Sky in a couple weeks!

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