Happy but bittersweet

Today is a mixed day for me as I sold my treasured BMW F800GS motorcycle to a fellow I met on Adventure Rider.com. I haven’t ridden it much since buying it new in Sept. 2009 and I felt the money I was spending each month on my bike payment and insurance could be more wisely spent, or saved for other things. So, I corresponded with the buyer, who flew up from Houston, TX (I know right!) and I picked him up at the airport here at home in Charleston and we did the deal at my local bank, signed our papers, he handed my a nice big check (nothing left over for me, the bank gets it all unfortunately), and off he went on my old and his new bike! I am actually really happy (as is my wife… she is ecstatic), as now it’s like getting a 500.00 per month raise in a sense as that money will no longer be going out, which, let’s face it, is pretty cool. Haven’t run one step since the Kanawha Trace 50K last Saturday… it has just been so hot and miserable, and frankly I have no motivation to get out there and suffer in it right now, so there is due to be a slight break in the heat next week when I plan to gear it back up and start looking forward to the races in October. I likely will look for a couple shorter 10 miler/ half marathon types of events between now and then, maybe try to work on some leg speed a little bit too. Thanks for reading.

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