So here I sit.

Long shift day at the mall recruiting office today… boooorrrringg.  Anyway I now have plenty of time to post to my blog, do the office schedule for August (done), daydream (ongoing), and surf the web and play with my ipad (also ongoing).  I went to the Charleston Bicycle Center today and picked up a wheel box to ship my wheels off to my ebay auction winner, and while I was there I also picked up a few goodies for the bicycles.  I think I am going to put the rack I got on Cam’s bike and go back and get the cute little pink/argyle-ey looking rack panniers at the shop.  We have vowed to commute the less than two miles to our respective jobs, by bike starting Monday.  In the meantime, I have rekindled my love for my Surly Cross Check bike and I am converting it into a super commuter of sorts as a single speed.  I have my eye on a full conversion kit (used on ebay), that includes a single speed crankset too… pretty smooth for the price!  I also grabbed a moustache bar today at the shop too, now I guess I need brake levers as my hooded levers won’t work, I don’t think anyways.  I snagged another shopping bag style pannier on ebay yesterday too.  We had a set but one got stolen a few years back when Cam’s bike got stolen out of our driveway.  I am getting quite excited about all of this, especially now that the motorcycle is gone and we truly only have one vehicle (gas powered, I mean).  It is going to be cool… now if only we had a good grocery store on our end of town and not crap like the Dollar General.  The farmers market will do for now, but in a couple of months all the produce will be replaced by folks pimping out pumpkins and potted mums.  Kanawha City has a Kroger but it’s about 5 miles away (maybe 4 1/2)… not really too bad, but not great riding to get to it as far as traffic, etc.  We’ll see.

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